This deluxe treatment combines the very best of massage techniques including hot volcanic stones focussed on your areas of concern. Specialised movements combined with the warm oil melts away any tension from tight and stressed muscles. Exquisite plant oils hydrate and feed the skin and pure essential oils uplift and improve well-being. Your body, scalp and hair receive intense nourishment and you will feel wonderfully relaxed yet uplifted after this treatment.

(60 mins - £110.00 / 90 mins - £155.00)

This beautiful treatment releases tension, soothes stressed and tight muscles using hot volcanic stones. By using Swedish massage movements and acupressure the tension is literally squeezed out of your back, neck and shoulders. Your hair and scalp are treated with divine warm oil that soothe and nourish, leaving you feeling relaxed, calm and elated.

(60 mins - £110 / 90 mins - £155)