Body Massage

This full-body massage uses a combination of shiatsu and traditional techniques to work with the deep layers of muscle tissue and treat acute tension and injuries from overuse. Adhesions in the muscles can

cause pain, inflammation, and restriction of movement so this massage works to increase blood flow, realign the different layers of tissue, relax tight muscles and encourage them to strengthen and heal.

(60 mins) - £130.00

The signature Bamford experience is a must have treatment during your time at Fletcher’s Cottage Spa. It combines carefully targeted ancient healing techniques to offer you a fully immersive body experience. The treatment starts with a cleansing and relaxing footbath using salts from the dead sea to draw toxins from the body. Japanese shiatsu massage techniques are then used to open the body’s meridians, penetrate the muscles and start to unblock the energy channels to restore balance and flow. As you move through the relaxing treatment Swedish, abdominal and Indian Head massage are all used to provide a full immersive experience. The treatment then finishes with assisted yogic breathing to refresh and invigorate.

(90 mins) - £170.00

Designed specifically for the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, this full-body massage is tailored to address the needs of pregnant women. Using gentle, unscented oils the treatment targets backache, cramps and heavy legs. Developed by an expert in pregnancy yoga you will be positioned and supported with cushions to give optimum comfort and to ensure absolute safety for you and your baby. As well as alleviating discomfort and pain often associated with pregnancy, this warm oil massage provides a peaceful and gently uplifting experience.

(60 mins) - £120.00

A soothing, relaxing all over body treat. This wonderfully nurturing full body massage is aimed at giving ‘Mum to Be’ a very special experience, taking her into a completely relaxed world. Slow smooth massage techniques are used in this treatment to calm and alleviate any aches and pains using 100% organic oils help to prevent stretch marks. A fantastic treat for anyone in their second or third trimester.

(60 mins) - £120.00

Tension in the back and body is soothed away with VOYA’s warming balm designed specifically with golfers and active bodies in mind. A deep tissue massage with the worlds first organic seaweed oil targets hard to reach muscle groups and areas of concern warming the muscles and melting away those aches and pains. A back neck and shoulder massage then deliver intense relaxation and relief. This specialised treatment provides relief from muscle soreness and stiff joints while the addition of the heat balm increases circulation, muscular detoxification and ensure optimum results.

(60 mins) - £120.00