Body Treatments

Unlike any other seaweed treatment, this truly amazing detoxifying therapy uses organic seaweed leaves to exfoliate and wrap your body. Beginning with a bladderwrack body buff, this treatment detoxifies, firms and softens the skin. Your whole body is then enveloped in Laminaria Seaweed leaves for instant results. Completed with a massage application of VOYA’s Softly Does It body moisturiser to nourish and soften the skin.

(90 mins) - £170.00

As well as gently removing dead skin cells to reveal the freshly invigorated skin underneath, this regenerative treatment is designed to improve circulation and blood flow. The whole body is lightly massaged with a warm blend of pure sea salt and brown sugar suspended in invigorating oils and moisturising body butters, which stimulates revitalisation and targets cellulite.

It is showered off with warm water. Our rich geranium body cream is then applied in gently massaging strokes, leaving the skin soft, smooth and deeply hydrated, as well as primed for further treatments.

(60 mins) - £120.00

A revitalising experience to energise the body, awaken the senses and increase positivity. Refreshing foot ritual followed by sound therapy, works to rebalance the energy channels and gentle exfoliation, using a warm botanic sugar polish, rejuvenates the skin and increases circulation. Stimulating marma point full body and Indian head massage using cool, clarifying crystals or stones, combine with soothing breathwork, to focus the mind and leave the body relaxed.

(90 mins) - £170.00

The Bamford B Silent treatment is devoted to relaxing your body and preparing it for sound, restful sleep using the products from the B-Silent range, developed to aid and improve sleep quality. A stress-reducing footbath using Japanese shiatsu rocking techniques and the B-Silent night-time concentrate opens the body’s meridians and begins the process of deep relaxation. This moves on to a full back massage, followed by a series of assisted stretches designed to release stress, loosen tight hips, unlock the lower back and gently rotate the spine. A massage on the neck and chest pressure points aims to release chronic stress and set you up for the perfect nights sleep.

(90 mins) - £170.00